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Erasmus+ Programme


Who we are

Instituto Virgen de la Paloma is a Public Institution devoted to vocational education and training for more than 60 years. It has characterized itself for its continuous effort to give a top-quality education adapted to society demands. That is the main reason why our students are highly valued after finishing their studies successfully. Instituto Virgen de la Paloma campus is situated in the capital city of Spain, Madrid, close by the University district.

Nowadays, “Instituto Virgen de la Paloma” has one of the biggest offer in Professional Education in the autonomous region of Madrid: 19 Higher Level Professional courses, 13 Intermediate Level Proffesional courses, 3 Dual System courses and 4 Basic Level courses in 11 different technical branches:

  • Electricity and electronics
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Informatics and communications
  • Installatons and maintenance
  • Chemistry
  • Graphic arts
  • Physical activities and sports
  • Building and civil engineering
  • Wood and furniture
  • Administration and management
  • Automotive maintenance

Our main educational features are:

  • A personalized education, updated and based on practical bases and always following the students` demands.
  • Technical innovations in teaching. We have always introduced and evaluated different methodological and curricular training methods and we are introducing the current process of the new degrees in Vocational Training.
  • Technical and teaching updating: We organize courses, seminars and working parties. We can also train our staff in new technologies due to our computer and multi-media means. We are also giving our support to every performance towards “Teaching Quality”.
  • In reference to Professional Education, we must mention our extensive experience. Further more, we are very proud of our labour relations: our students work with the latest technological and organizational innovations. This gained reputation is evident not only because most our students are successfully employed but also because of the great number of companies (approximately 600) which collaborate with the programme of “Working-place Training”. Students from different vocational studies regularly participate in the technical qualification championship “World Skill International”, with very satisfactory results. This event was precisely set up at the request of our Institution. Since then, different European Institutions have summed up and has been considered an international event since the 1950s.
  • Our school also provides to our students Professional Certifications, as CISCO, IT Academy (Linux + Microsoft), Zentyel and others.
  • We participates in the Erasmus+ European Programme for educational mobilities.

It has also set several educational activities dealing with Environmental and Equality areas.

We also organize talks and exhibitions to celebrate commemorative events. Not to forget the sports activities which take place: we  participate in the programme “Deporte Escolar” and we also have several federated football, basketball and volleyball teams, competing in different official categories.

All this has been achieved thanks to our teaching staff and its high level of teaching professional qualification and dedication.

We are grateful for being recognized as UNEVOC establishment since 1999. UNEVOC is the UNESCO`s teaching programme for vocational studies and just one institution per country is chosen.

We want to thank the nearly 2,500 students who, year by year, rely on our educational training in order to develop as free citizens with the best qualifications which can help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our Erasmus+ Programme

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